Sunday, May 3, 2015

Loving April

There were so many things to enjoy in April. We got to celebrate Baby A with another baby shower. As we suspected she decided to wait for a May birthday so we got all of April to plan and prepare.
  It was a good month for bike riding. Walker loves being outside as much as I do. It was great to get my bike on the trails for the first time since last fall. 
Lincoln learned how to peddle and never needed training wheels. Stopping is the hard part!

It was a good month for some gardening also. Lincoln loves using his muscles to help with the heavy work. Walker loves exploring and is gentle with the plants and enjoys the watering lots! 

I got to help Ashley with a couple of photo shoots with the boys. She does all the hard work and I get to enjoy the process and the photos. I love having great shots and my grandsons bring me great joy so looking at their faces is always special. They are adorable, sweet and loving boys!

 It wasn't warm every day. There were chilly days too but we found ways to get out and enjoy the sunshine when we could. I am so grateful for my part-time work schedule that allows me more time to play.

April showers bring worms and lots of fun explorations. 
 I love the warmer weather and the sunny days that feel almost like summer. As much as I love being out in nature I love it even more when I can share it with my grandsons!

 At Lincoln's request we made a road trip to Mason City to visit family. It's so nice to see the boys playing with great grandparents. They always have so much fun. I was especially thrilled that we got to see all three of my siblings at once on that Friday afternoon. The boys really love their great aunts and uncle. I'm not surprised that Lincoln loves going to Mason City!

 The season change leads to mud, sand and water messes which means more opportunity for sink baths at Grammy's house. I'm not sure why but I just love sink baths.
 I did find time to quilt and lots of time to socialize with my friends during April too. I just tend to take more photos when there at cute little ones around. I also found plenty of time for baking. I still love to bake and always look for a good excuse to pull out the sugar and flour. An expectant mommy with a sweet tooth in the family gave me lots of good reason for baking. I just wish the "healthy" baked goods tasted as good as the "real stuff." Now its time!

Birthday and Easter

 I've always loved April, maybe because of my birthday and the weather. This year Easter was in April so it was an extra fun April. I do love birthdays but my family makes birthdays even more special now. Thanks to Ashley for planning a special day for me again.
 The mid-fifties are turning out to be an incredible time of life! I am feeling healthy, happy and quite content. So much good, so much joy and so much love! This is the good stuff.

 Our Easter family gathering was so much fun this year. We missed the people who couldn't make it but had a great time. I got a new great nephew, Tucker, born on Easter weekend which kept some of our family quite busy.
 Mom won the prize for closest guess on the number of jelly beans. Dale's jelly bean jar has become a new tradition. I loved having my sisters too. We always have a great time. Dan and Jill were Ohio with a new grandbaby.

 Dale's daughter, son-in-law and grandson, Felix joined us for Easter this year too. It was great that they made the drive and fun for the boys to meet each other.
 The little ones do make it lots of fun and we always have plenty of Easter eggs. Next year will be more little ones including Jay and Briana's daughter! I hope some more cousins can make it next year too. So many babies coming in the family this year! Easter and my birthday were wonderful but there were other fun days in April so I will will post a few more photos very soon.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Month of March

March started off with Walker's first birthday and a big family celebration. He loves a party and so do I!
 Walker is changing so much, turning into a toddler but not in a hurry to walk. He gets around very well and is a good climber.

 We have also been celebrating the upcoming arrival of Jay and Briana's baby girl. We had a fun shower with friends and family in Mason City in March and celebrated in Cedar Falls with Briana's friends just this week. The due date is very close and we are excited.

 Briana's mom and my mom were all at the shower. This little girl will have lots of grandma love. Sandi is so gracious to host so many family showers and we always have a great time. It was especially fun to have baby Roman there this time.

 There were a few last basketball games in March and we do love being Panther fans. OK, so I love it and invite/encourage the rest of the family too! Part of March felt like winter but part of it felt warm enough to be summer.
 I loved getting Walker out in the sun, sand and water even if it was just in my backyard. He loved it lots too. There is no keeping him out of the fun messy stuff that his big brother is doing. He loves water and the sand and doesn't eat the sand, after the first day anyway.

Both boys love the sandbox and although it was a pretty spot for a garden the transformation to sand was a great decision. We all have so much fun digging and playing there.

Lincoln and I have gotten out for a few hikes. We even got to walk around Greenbelt Lake once. I hope there are lots of hikes ahead of us this year. 
I love seeing the boys together and they are finding new ways to interact. They both have opinions and a deep love for each other.

I made it to Des Moines one weekend in March. Dale and I enjoyed the city as well as a road trip to Pella to get some Dutch pasteries. Jarsma Bakery is so amazing and it was great to be back there after at least four years. We celebrated Felix's third birthday with lots of fun and frosting. It was a great little party. 
I even found time to visit a wonderful friend in Des Moines that has had a very difficult year. She is an amazing woman who has so many gifts including amazing hospitality in her sanctuary of a home. I am reminded of what a blessing friendship is in my life. I pray for Marti's healing and give thanks for the friends in my life.